Free Crochet Pattern for Confetti Baby Blanket

My latest crochet pattern was inspired by need — I needed a baby gift on short notice!

I’ve always enjoyed the look of corner to corner blankets and I know they work up quickly, so that was my starting point. I found this pretty yarn with speckles of color that remind me of confetti (hence the name) and I paired it up with a solid lavender for a pop of color. I love the varying diagonal stripes as I think they add a bit of interest.

Confetti Baby Blanket 2



I think the border is the best part of any blanket or afghan and so I wanted something that was simple and elegant but had a pop too. I hope you agree that I succeeded!

Confetti Baby Blanket

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C2C 3021

Confetti Baby Blanket

Size: Approximately 32″ square

• DK or Sport Weight Yarn, I used Baby Bee, Sweet Delights (377 yards each).
…………•  Main Color = Prints in Baby Pastel – 2 skeins;
…………•  Contrasting Color =Sugarplum – 1 skein
• Hook H/5.00 mm
• Yarn needle for weaving ends

Gauge: 8 blocks x 8 blocks in pattern = 5″

Beg – beginning
Ch – chain
Dc – double crochet
R – Row/Round
Sc – single crochet
Sl st(s) – slip stitch(es)
St(s) – stitch(es)
tr – treble

• Number in ( ) at end of Row/Round indicates the number of stitches in that Row or Round
• Work instructions in [ ] or between *, the designated number of times

Crochet Tips: click on the tip below for a tutorial
• Fastening off neatly
• Weaving in ends


The blanket is worked from corner to corner and the border is added at the end.

Work all rows in Main Color except:
Contrasting Color Rows: 12, 13, 16, 17, 26, 27, 38, 39, 41, 42, 43, 45, 46, 57, 58, 67, 68, 71, 72

R1: Ch 6, dc in 4th ch and next 2 ch (See Fig 1). (1 block)

R2: Ch 6, turn, dc in 4th ch and next 2 ch, sl st in ch3 space (See Fig 2), ch3, 3 dc around ch3 from previous row (See Fig 3). (2 blocks)

Crochet Pattern Corner to Corner instructions by Crochet Zone

R3: Ch6, turn, dc in 4th ch and next 2 ch, [sl st in ch3 space of previous row, ch3, 3 dc around ch3 from previous row] 2 times(See Fig 4). (3 blocks)Crochet Pattern Corner to Corner instructions by Crochet Zone

R4: Ch6, turn, dc in 4th ch ann next 2 ch, [sl st in ch3 space of previous row, ch3, 3 dc around ch3 from previous row] 3 times. (4 blocks)

R5 to R42: Repeat Row 4 increasing the repeat (block) by one for each row. (42 blocks after last repeat)

R43 (decrease): Turn, sl st across each dc, sl st in ch 3 space of previous row, [ch 3, 3 dc around ch 3 from previous row, sl st in ch 3 space of previous row] 41 times (Fig 5).Crochet Pattern Corner to Corner instructions by Crochet Zone

R44 to R83: Repeat R43 decreasing the repeat (block) by one for each row. Fasten off.

R1: You will work a round of sc evenly around blanket to start, join Main Color in any corner, ch1, *3 sc in corner, [sc in each vertical dc, 2 sc in the side of each horizontal dc], repeat to next corner*. Repeat from * to * 3 more times. Join with sl st to beg sc.  (432 sc in total = 105 sc on each side + 3 sc in each corner

R2: Sl st to center st of corner, [ch 5 (counts as dc + ch 2), dc] in corner st, *dc in each st to next corner, [dc, ch 2, dc] in corner*, 3 times, [dc, ch 2, dc] in last corner. Join with sl st to 3rd ch of beg ch 3. Fasten off. (444 sts in total = 109 dc on each side + ch 2 in each corner)

R3: Join Contrasting Color in any corner ch 2 space, [ch 4 (counts as hdc + ch 2), hdc] in corner space, *hdc in each st to next corner, [hdc, ch 2, hdc] in corner*, 3 times, [hdc, ch 2, hdc] in last corner. Join with sl st to 2nd ch of beg ch 2. Fasten off. (452 sts in total = 111 hdc on each side + ch 2 in each corner)

R4: Join Main Color in any corner ch 2 space, repeat Row 3. (460 sts in total = 113 hdc on each side + ch 2 in each corner)

R5: Join Contrasting Color in any corner ch 2 space, [ch 3, 2 dc, 3 tr, 3 dc] in corner ch 2 space, *skip 2, [sc in next st, skip 2, (3 dc, tr, 3 dc) in next st, skip 2],18 times, sc in next st, skip last 2 sts,  [3 dc, 3 tr, 3 dc] in corner ch2 space*. Repeat from * to * 3 more times; skip 2, [sc in next st, skip 2, (3 dc, tr, 3 dc) in next st, skip 2],18 times. Join with sl st to 3rd ch of beg ch3. Fasten off.

R6:  Working in Back Loop Only, join Main Color in back loop of beg ch 3 of Row 5, work a round of sc as follows: sc in each dc or tr except center tr of each shell, work 3 sc in each center tr of shell, do not work in sc. Join with sl st to beg sc. Fasten off.




Copyright © 2015 by Crochet Zone. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher.

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58 thoughts on “Free Crochet Pattern for Confetti Baby Blanket

  1. CrochetZone

    Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to write too 🙂

  2. Karen

    I came across this on Pinterest and gave it a try. Many thanks for the written instructions and the pictures illustrating the steps. They were clearly explained and I appreciate you taking the time to set this pattern down and then sharing it.

  3. CrochetZone

    I weave in ends as I go along. Saves me from the boredom at the end 🙂

  4. CrochetZone

    You are very welcome and congratulations.

  5. Doreen Muller

    Just made this for my daughter who Is having the first boy amongst 3 granddaughters. Absolutely love it!! Thank you for posting the pattern.

  6. Rose

    It doesn’t say but I think I should weave in ends before starting the border is that correct

  7. CrochetZone

    I’m not sure what you mean regarding Row 40, it is included in the repeats as noted in the pattern. As for the decreases, if the photos don’t help, you may be able to find a YouTube video that can help you.

  8. CrochetZone

    Thank you.

  9. Darlene

    Beautiful blanket and edging. I’ve been making some c2c blankets and was thrilled to find this lovely edging for them. Thank you.

  10. CrochetZone

    I’m sorry I don’t, but you can follow the same concept and continue to make it larger and there are several tutorials on YouTube.

  11. CrochetZone

    You are very welcome!

  12. Laura

    Oh I forgot to say THANK YOU so very much for posting this pattern. I absolutely love it!

  13. Laura

    Do you have this same pattern for a throw blanket. I want to make it for my grand daughter.
    Thank you:)

  14. CrochetZone

    Crochet Crowd has a good video that illustrates the concept. You may find this helpful:

  15. Tathiana Alers
    Hi I’m having problems with the decreasing part. I don’t understand. Please help me. Thanks

  16. CrochetZone

    Thank you. 🙂


    i just finished this beautiful easy blanket and i am sure i will use this pattern again and again thanks again

  18. CrochetZone

    Oh I’m so happy to hear that. I’d love to see pictures when you are done. Feel free to post to my Facebook page 🙂

  19. Cynthia Butler

    I am making another blanket this time I used the colors:
    Baby Bee Sweet delight prints – color puppy and
    Baby Bee Sweet delight – color baby’s blue
    It is turning out beautiful. I wasn’t sure about the color puppy, but once I started crocheting it looks pretty together.

  20. CrochetZone

    Oh thank you, I’m so glad you like it.

  21. Cynthia Butler

    Thank-you for the pattern. It was easy and fast. I think the boarder seemed a littler slower to crochet. I used the same colors as you did. Beautiful blanket! I can’t wait to give it to my friend tomorrow.

  22. CrochetZone

    I’m sorry you are having trouble. I’m not sure where you are having trouble with the instructions. If you can give me a specific perhaps I can assist.

  23. Having trouble with decreasing. The instructions are not real clear. Help would be greatfully appreciated.
    Thank you

  24. Fiaknit

    Should have waited until I tried the R6 before commenting! I now understand the do not work in sc!

  25. Fiaknit

    Hi, I have a question on R6 of the border. Should it be 3 sc in centre tr of each CORNER shell and is it don’t work in back loop? Thanks.

  26. CrochetZone

    That’s great!

  27. Cheryl Pirozzi

    Thank you for all your help. I’m almost done with my blanket. Two more rows to go

  28. CrochetZone

    It should be hdd and i’ve adjusted the stitch count section to reflect that, however if you prefer to make a wider border you can work it in dc.

  29. Cheryl Pirozzi

    I have another question. In the border, row 4, you say to do the same as row 3. Row three is HDC. You count your stitches as dc. Are we doing hdc or dc in row 4? I usually would assume it is hdc, however in the picture, it looks like maybe it is dc.

  30. Cheryl Pirozzi

    Thank you so much, this has helped me very much. i”m looking forward to finishing the blanket.

  31. CrochetZone

    There was a typo in the original post. It should be 2sc not 2dc on the side of each horizontal dc. I’ve also changed the language so that it is clearer, but the point of the first statement in round 1 was just to let you know you would be working a full round of sc. Hope that helps.

  32. CrochetZone

    It should have been 2sc not dc, I’ve corrected the post. Thanks.

  33. CrochetZone

    You are correct, I have fixed the post. Thanks for letting me know.

  34. Cheryl Pirozzi

    I’m having trouble with the border. your direction say sc in each vertical dc, 2 dc in the side of each horizontal dc. your count is 432 sc in total, but where is the dc count of the side of horizontal dc. Also, you say work a round of sc evenly around blanket. Is this before I start to Join Main color in any corner . I’m fairly new to crochet and need your direction to be clearer. I stuck and don’t know how to start the border. I appreciate any help to can give me to finish this blanket. The corner to corner was a delight to make and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for any help.

  35. Laura

    On round one for the trim it states 2 dc in the side in the side of each dc. However it states there should be a total of 105 sc on each side. No mention of how many dc we should have. I guess I don’t understand. Pleas help I am on a deadline. Thank you very much.

  36. Charlene C.

    Im working on the border and just want to make sure it is right. On R1 of the border you say ” [sc in each vertical dc, 2 dc in the side of each horizontal dc]”, isnt it supposed to be 2 single crochets in the side of the horizontal dc?

  37. CrochetZone

    You “slip stitch in the chain 3 of the last block and then turn and do the slip stitch in the 3 DC and the chain 3”. The last picture in the decrease tutorial should help.

  38. Anna Marie

    Let me try this again….I am confused about the decrease, when starting the first DC row it states to slip stich into each of the 3 DC and the chain 3 then continue with the slip stich to next block, chain 3 then 3 DC in each block until you reach the last block, that is where I am confused, do you slip stitch in the chain 3 of the last block and then turn and do the slip stitch in the 3 DC and the chain 3 or do you completed that block like the previous blocks and slip stitch, chain 3, and 3DC then turn and do the slip stitches? Thank you

  39. CrochetZone

    Thats so sweet of you and I’m sure he would love it.

  40. Glenda Voigt

    I can hardly wait to start this pattern, just to have on hand for the next little one I know who needs a blanket. Right now there is no one in my family who should be needing it any time soon, so I will make it as a prayer blankie for giving to someone outside the family. The newest family member we are about to get is a grandson who is already 11 and my daughter is going to adopt. I may just make it in big-boy colors and give it to him for Christmas!!

  41. CrochetZone

    Thank you!

  42. CrochetZone

    I admire your charity work, wonderful! I don’t have a YouTube video, so likely the pattern you saw was similar, but not the same. I only point that out so that you will have the right expectation of the finished product. As for printing without the added advertisements, you can try a copy and paste. The advertising is what supports the free patterns and at this time I do not have paid, ad free patterns. Hope that helps.

  43. Nancy

    I got this pattern on YouTube about 2months ago and but no print ed pattern it was a look at it kind. Like a video. I can do it but I was trying to tell someone who only read s patterns and and I can not read patterns. So how can I get it to print with out all the other stuff. I don’t have much ink cartridges I will not sell it I just wanted to make this for the baby hat’s and blankets for the new mothers at the hospital for new born babies. I make them and give them all away to them. My friend s and I do this every day.
    I also would like to have a pattern for a hat. On this. Do you know how to make it.

  44. Sue B

    I have been making this blanket for 40 years. My great aunt thought it to me. It was how I learned to crochet.
    she called it the basket stitch. I have never seen the pattern printed. I have made it in many colors with many different boarders. I just love it. It works up so fast and easy. Thank you so much for sharing it with others.

  45. CrochetZone

    Feel free to post it with the link and I’d love for you to share it on my Facebook page too.

  46. Tammy

    Me again! I’m so sorry!! I just realized I need permission to post this!! If it’s not okay with you I’ll take it right down!!!

  47. Tammy

    i just pinned a baby blanket that I made using your directions! They really came in handy as my best friend asked me last week if I had a blanket on hand, which I didn’t. I never could have made one so quickly without you. Thank you!!! I’ll try to post it here but not sure if I can upload here.

  48. CrochetZone

    I’m sorry I don’t have a video but I’m sure you could find one on Google.

  49. Beautiful !

  50. Me gusta este punto, ¿Sería posible mostrar vídeo?
    Gracias por todo. Un saludo,

  51. CrochetZone

    Let me know how you like it!

  52. CrochetZone

    Oh I’m so glad! Yes, it is remarkable how quickly it grows. I made this one, including border in about 5 hours!

  53. Tammy

    This is such a great pattern! The directions are also great. I have never done a corner to corner before and I just started a few minutes ago and am on row 7. I can see how this will work up really quickly and it is fun! Thank you SO much for sharing this!

  54. Tara Bell

    Gorgeous! I think this will be my first c2c pattern…I’ve been searching for one for a long time! Thank you kindly!

  55. CrochetZone

    Oh thank you very much. I hope you enjoy making it. It can seem a little tricky at first if you haven’t made a corner to corner before but if you take your time and follow the pictures you should do well.

  56. Heather B

    This is really beautiful! I am looking forward to giving it a try, along with several other things I found on you blog! Thank you very much for sharing!!

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