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  1. CrochetZone

    Yes, feel free to sell your items. Please use your own photography and of course don’t distribute any portion of the pattern. I also enjoy credit with a link back to my website 🙂

  2. Jennifer Traigle

    Good morning! I just wanted to make sure it’s okay to sell any items I make using your free patterns. They are great and I don’t want to do anything outside of what you would like to be done with your creations.

  3. CrochetZone

    Please provide them with a link to the pattern instead. Thank you for your understanding.

  4. Joyce M. Carlson

    Can I print your patterns and share with the knit & crochet group I join on the 1st Sunday of the month and the 3rd Wednesday evening of the month. So many have no idea how to use the Internet.

  5. CrochetZone

    What is your Facebook group?

  6. Elize van de vliet

    Dear Crochet Zone,
    Congratulations on your excellent work. Could we kindly have your permission to link to your free patterns on our Facebook group with full appreciation to your work and website.

    Elize van de Vliet

  7. CrochetZone

    That is fine, please use your own photography for any listings you may post. Thank you 🙂

  8. Wendy

    I like to have permission to make this dress to sell. I promise to link to your website and your name for the design of the dress.

  9. CrochetZone

    You are welcome to use my patterns to make items that you will sell. Please do not reproduce any part of my pattern and please your own photography.

  10. I would like permission to make this dress both for charity and to sell. Eventually, I would like to sell items at church craft fair and the farmers market. Thankyou for your time and making these beautiful patterns available.

  11. CrochetZone

    Thank you for your interest Rina. You are welcome to link to my patterns, but please do not email or post any part of the pattern anywhere. My patterns are free on my website only and the advertising on my site is what allows me to offer them free of charge to the crocheter. Again, feel free to link to my patterns, but do not replicate or distribute them in any other way. Thank you for your understanding.

  12. RINA


    You have the most beautiful patterns on your website.

    I would like to ask your permission to do the following:

    Can I use some of you patterns to put on knitting/crochet groups on Facebook so that other ladies also can crochet jackets, baby booties etc. I am asking for your permission to use the photos as well as the patterns.

    The reason is that not everybody can or know how to download a pattern or to copy/paste it. They don’t have the funds to buy databundles for their phones to surf the internet for patterns. With an email it costs less and they only have to save it on their phones Files. I do not ask any money for the emails of patterns and do everything on my own costs. Because I am one the the blessed people that can afford it. I will put the pattern on the FILES of the Facebook Group – still giving name of your website. With the photos I will add the link to your website and mention the website also, on the Group.

    I then also like to ask your permission to sent the patterns and photo to the ladies via email for their personal use. Some ladies crochet items to sell for an income to make a living as well as some ladies do it for charity.

    The eldery woman does not have the knowledge how to use the internet and enjoy spending their time crocheting or knitting for their grandkidz.

    Kind regards


  13. CrochetZone

    Thank you so much, that’s very sweet.

  14. Linda Ballard

    Thank you so much. I just could not get a visual of what I was supposed to do. I decided to take a leap of faith and as soon as I did the dc and ch 3 and began the dc in the ch 2 sp the light bulb went on, lol. So happy right now!!! I love your site.

  15. CrochetZone

    Yes, you are exactly right. You leave those stitches unworked and they will become the armhole.

  16. I am attempting to crochet the Butterfly Kisses Baby Dress. I finished Row 7. On Row 8 (6-12 month size) the pattern states Ch 2, turn, dc in same st and each st to last st before ch 2 space, *dc in ch 2 space, ch 3, skip next 27 stitches, dc in next ch 2 space*, dc in each st to last st before ch 2 space. Repeat from * to * , dc to end. Fasten off. (64 st -m58 dc and 6 chains)

    How exactly does one skip 27 stitches??? Do I just pull the yarn to the next ch 2 space?

    Thank you for any help you can give.

  17. CrochetZone

    If you Google the term you will find many video tutorials that can help you. Just choose one you are comfortable with. It is simply a method of making a tight beginning circle. If you are more comfortable you can make 3 or 4 chains, join them and then continue with the stitches in the center as per the pattern.

  18. Rhonda Rommes

    How do you make the magic circle in the butterfly pattern?

  19. Marilyn

    I cannot seem to find the 3 dimensional butterflies. Could you please assist and point me in the right direction

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