Weaving in Crochet Ends

6 thoughts on “Weaving in Crochet Ends

  1. Shenna

    I always weave ends as I crochet. Have not had any problems yet. Have been crocheting ends for 30 years. Great info. Will share link. That ks!

  2. Kathy

    I am making beanie hats this method don’t work because the stretch a little to put them on. When the hat is stretched the weaved end comes out and wont go back in. Any suggestions? Thank you & have a great day!

  3. CrochetZone

    You don’t just have to do it on the edge, you can go in a little on the row if you like. I’ve never had a problem with the thickness though.

  4. Vicky T.

    Doesn’t this create a thick edge? Going back and forth three times seems too much right along the edge. I will try it, though, just to make sure.

  5. Linda

    Thank you. I’ll be glad to share your link to this tip. 🙂

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